Tuesday, August 30, 2016

cradle song

there's a mattress outside
waiting to unfurl. you lost your
insurance now we ll suffer
another fucked day of this is your life.
at least you have audience tonight
one not involved with her Own drugs.
the dishes are piled, unfolded protiens cohabitate
in the frig.  let them rot, its the way of things.

without glasses now
every things fuzzy, if not warm,
forlornly peeking from
shoes in lost
 decades quickly
 descended through axions
 that hold on to a blurry
diamonite  sparkle passing through all that dark matter
that stands between me and now

Sunday, August 21, 2016

love song for calyx

 the anatomy  insists we smoke
old maid virgin weed, keepem away from the menfolk
for the best effect. after all, when you have
the perfect princess, you don't want her genetics
messed with by stripping out half of it
to be replaced with , well who knows
where these suitors  come from
blown in on some breeze or other-
of uncertain parentage, unbred, in a word,
 our ladies
need to let their hair
 grow long,  sweet
 tendrils curl into the sky victoria,
fill  your cups and celebrate
let your hair unfurl.

Monday, August 08, 2016

fear factory

make america safe again
is a theme fit for mongering
no longer ring

omg the reality of this election
begins to filter into views of tomorrow.
this must be what it felt like to obama haters
that think this country has gone down the tubes.

fear factory- clipped and sound bitten
to tear a hole in your mall of americas
to build a wall with imported labor
so we can keep them out again or yes
conscript and wpa work, high school grads, look
surely you want to work the straw, dollars a day
all we can pay, next week i betcha for sure.
a co-opted privatized venture my friend,
and you can be one of the first on the "in".

just fill this form here, stamp that punch there,
pretty soon we'll have hate produced from thin air
nail your sign on the stick, nail another real quick
pass them out to the masses gathering thick

lock her up, lock em out, rapists
murderers, louts! make them go apeshit
over hacked emails while crooks' deals
are paid for in bankruptcy meals

it's all manufactured for you and i, friend
an opera comique keeps us fighting to the end,

thin set

weary he says, all thumb control
and chill. we can do better. he wastes
into skinnier jeans and skinnier, left eye
closes halfway stoned. there's a roach
in the room he says, bed stripped , pillows
piled. i want to go to sleep but
there's a roach in the room. netflix zombies
groan in the background. you could move
the bed or hey he says
i got this. wearily.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

what do we do with the teeth?

dental waste management in lebanon
has a problem to solve, he says and i think what
they're killing so many they have an excess tooth
problem -picturing backhoes scooping
buckets of teeth from a pile created
in  a mass burning and filtering
 process but no he says no
it's about
 what to do with the amalgams
and such from the practice of dentistry, route
canals, crowns, fillings  so very
serious and scientific in order to educate
 on first world problems and associated
costs which i would not have otherwise
 considered this coming monday
 when i sit
in the chair getting my cracked tooth
ground down to stub so a beautiful porcelaine
replacement can be installed.