Sunday, June 30, 2013

badi' al- zaman

we are
here, together
time unwound by axons'
fire and tamed connections

by a wood cut
in infancy, routed
by scripture from sleep we found
god lives

in choice
and chance of birth
census counts, priestly mirth,
hails of grace upon heads bent
to earth.

to major tales
politicians serve
 caught in the knowing eye unfurled
by bits

to bytes
coal powered in linkou
while gasoline serves africa's

as usual
wants nothing to do with
with questions of morals and such.
just bucks.

it's all
here. now, for you
and i to wander in
thick as fountainbleu's forest, still

through years
of global melt
acid rain, chernobyl
fallout, chain saw's pain. the trees know
false claims.

fiddlers draw bows
across a single string.
they ring in mulitples, a key
to find.

oy. ok, this poem was an experiment. since i'm not into the daily writing anymore, which goddamn me, i still want to be though i find that i just types similar/same things alla times. like my life has become  a slow crawl in fast motion because yeah, where DID my sunday go? doing nothing. the rain comes by
in fits and starts . the way i played the game was chose randomizer on wikipedia, write one cinquain about each article. unfortunately, i tend to be verbose about some subjects like "badi al zaman" is an honorific(arabic) meaning "the wonder of the age". so i think the wonder of this age is the internet.once  civiilization falls we will  all be jonesing for this instant overload of details and communication. but we'll be making long distance calls wth a fire and a blanket.

wiki didn't cooporate very well with giving me subjects. nothing much came up so i expanded some of the cinquain subject into the next strophe which 1)breaks cinquain rules & 2) reiterated my constant subject matter of god, politics, global warming.  our reason and conscious mind will always twist things back to the items of interest, no matter how far afield we could go.

oh well, better go get a pizza. my tile  counters are being worked upon! yay!

Friday, June 21, 2013

bong buy back program

americas bd comin up so to celebrate
we gonna buy yr water pipes ummm excuse me
bongs 'glass plastic wood for guns metal explosives
another bright idea brought to you by your less gumment gumment
the republican party. not only
will we give you amnesty for owning these subversive tools
we will equip you for life
without bongs in the stand your ground state
you too will have the opportunity to experience healthful
state of the art outdoor life in both urban and rural venues.
we have three sizes to choose from so come on down
make your trade today!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

white pizza

with spinach, garlic, tomato, basil, ricotta, roasted
red peppers, banana peppers and five italian cheese mix.

wonder if you'll be here for it.
bubbling up like a new york pizza house.
or will you be trapped in speed zone
unable to exit, taking your dad or your child or
your other girlfriend to the hospital
or maybe you're there yourself.

all these variables. an hour later,
two hours later. i'll get dinner on the table
but i'm definitely gonna cultivate
my go out frenz. now, where can i meet them?
o yeah, open mics. i got a couple i know i can call.
i just gotta begin to plan them, that's all

Monday, June 17, 2013

cognitive dissonance and florida

i wanna know at what point
my sister became a republican
and my dad a libertarian. well, ok
my dad i understand, sort of
but my sister is posting all kinds of right wing crap
on her fb and when we went to see dads on dads day
she and he got into a small political spat
which i wisely stayed out of, cuz i did ride
with her to dad's and the prospect
of two hour  argument which would change
no one's mind was not appealing so
i just asked her when, not why.
she ignored me. the things she's posted
are typical conservative propaganda like 
guns don't kill people , 
people with no respect for human life
kill people

i wanted to comment "with guns"
but didn't i let her have her stance cuz until obama
she never had an opinion. thinking he's the anti christ
was her first foray into it and now she's all for welfare 
recipients being drug tested despite the li'l experiment
we already went thru in her home state that 
cost more money than saved on food stamps cuz guess what
welfare recipients can't afford drugs but you wanna know who can
rich white people in the burbs can and you wanna how
many of the kids at the high skools in the burbs
are takin they rents xanax, oxy, molly and whatever else
they can find and swallow ? my bet is most of em, let's not
talk about the stocked liquor cabinets cuz that 
is almost the least of they worries now that you can  lose
your license , de facto, if not in legalese, for a first offense
thanks to the mad moms and karazy dads that refuse 
to let their kids do what they did as teens
i'd rather see you in jail, dear now be a good kid
and get me some ice for my cocktail willya.


nother thing is that stand your ground law
which has already been proven to be racist

nother thing is they just did a poll here
and seventy percent of the gen pop approves
of medical marijuana being legal. not two months later
some enterprising legislator gets it into his head
that glass pipes , one hitters, etc are only for dope smokers
so he gets his good ole buds to outlaw them. 
tho you can still smoke em in meershaum
and corncob pipes.  o 
and order them on the internets

nother thing  the state motto is the sunshine state.
the FREAKIN SUNSHINE state. we lag behind 
maine and germany
in solar energy tax breaks and usage. in the
SUN shine state. 

christ on a cupcake

o and the big G
gov scott, aka skullet head
first he hates fed money
unions, particularly teacher unions,
and medicaid. why does no one
mention the conviction on  medicare fraud  
of  a company of which he was ceo at the time, hmmmm?
or hey he said in march there's some surplus
in the budget let's give the teachers a raise
and ummm, yeah i think
after looking at the numbers that i should
throw my support behind obama care after all
the alternative is much more expensive but wait
are you running for re election or setting up 
shop for post term, guvnor?

my sister's brother in law is on disability
and he has alheimers and she's been made administrator
so she has to rent him a place on the pittance
the goverment gives him and while she was complaining
about the cost of the meds and his inability to recieve
either medicare or medicade although on complete
disability she told me about taking him shopping how
he wanted to sell her some food stamps for beer
so she tole him wait, 
you spend a tenth of your money 
on pills to help you remember and you spent
forty bux this weekend on 
beer to  make you forget
why not just stop
 buyin one of em and honey
i think it should be the pills. 


there's more. there's always more.

spings pumped dry for dollar -/12 0z bottle
sold to you by your friendly corporate entity 
instead of  your public water commission
leads to sinkholes for which insurance companies
are not liable unless it's the public insurance company
formed when a hurricane bankrupted a lot of private
insurance companies and drove the rest out of the home insurance
market here in the penninsula which btw
has so much reserves that it's selling its business
to private insurance companies at a loss
so they'll take back over what they abandoned 
twenty years ago. gvnt fixes it, privateers raid it. 
lovin the fascist flava , that's florida today. 


also, my kid wanna go to college yay!
wanna move away . oh. don't know how we gonna
do that what do the skool offer?
not much, they say you gotta borrow before i can.
oh. well then perhaps we look for alternatives
to the college "dorm" experience of 800 a month
with your own private room, share a bath, free cable
and wifi, kitchen, living room well ummm
or we might should sell your car and save on insurance but/
it's my money, i'ma be borrowing it, ima pay it back
why can't you just sign the loan and let me live where i want

Friday, June 14, 2013

old letters unearthed by a three year old

hello mom, i thought i'd
buried you in boxes and buttons
unsewn, in ripped jeans, my  hide
still in  rebellion,  rutted in

because. let us pause

now let us give rise to a bee
swimming twixt the mexican
sunflowers, fostered from seed
fast as weed. in several stands

around my yard. it's hard healing
a garden gives, sweat removes sweet
poisons leaves room for revealing
intersticial spice  roots weaving

bee-ish through my blood. new things  come
in small packages sometimes, they
bind time to spindle, remembrances some
papers you hold in your hand, stained

blue with daily happenings while
 you're away /not to worry all's
fine /till the last, with no denial
the spots are back, goodby/ the gall

of death  in my throat, swallowed.
once before now back half force
  half lives of irradium swabs low
in the back, a taste of baths and forks.

i cried a bit, the tears were good
i planted a wish i'd only use
if i came back as me and you as you
and i knew the outcome of the ruse.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

the isotopes of bismuth

not quite to zero, we visited
the center of the empire
where protons and neutrons gathered
in equal number all along the magneto storm

 all in the same green/red uniforms  although
some of us wore red/green.
platoons formed the impenetrable
 prime 83 presenting arms.
  sun plasma auroraed the sky
 the whole spectacle fraught
 a flock looking for   roost
in a landscape of toxic ponds

we were there to witness the decay
of the last stable isotope , wind's fission,
gulf streams quietus. we felt the force
of the magnet in each wildly waving banner
of unfurled agitation. we needed.

 and because we needed,
 so the push. to channel the river
so the push against sky, always
 the opposition.


these days the sky is filled
with drama. don't go out in your car
or hang on and hope you'll be
on the good side of statistics
when the seasons change .

this is not an exercise
at least not in the classic sense.


i remember
 a lot of drugs
when i was supposed to be attending school
as a young person/ lost /
to departure's aftermath.
what do you do , i mean really , what ?
when the world you lived falls like apoptosistic orange
petals at your scruffy bare feet?

i  hope you don't have to bear that so young,
maybe i saved you by not having much to lose.
now you go to college, train for a job, find a path
with your lady and love and delusion as your cash.

 daddy says you have no experience meaning
no sexcapades, you will be trapped
with a woman he doesn't consider beautiful.
but that's his blindness to me she resembles
the blue eyes of my lost mother i searched
for them in so many loves. i wonder
 if such attraction is innate?

 her mother, on the other
hand has really not aged well.


i think you love her
and she loves you
 yet  you are both young
and somehow so full\
of other people's sadness
like 209 extra neutrons
carried in your hearts/
and i want to believe
if you want to believe  your love
 is an



as i  enter the radiologist's office
i see a small plaque that reads
seeing is believing

i suppose that's one
way to put it. i already believe
so maybe seeing will be curing.
that's another way to see it.

they tell me envision phagocytes as
envision nanoparticles as
envision fighter planes or knights in white
killing and harvesting the tumorous cancers
which are not to be envisioned
as anything resembling human

this man is here to help
me envision the monster
and devour it.  my will the warrior.
as gawd i'll mow them down
with comets and asteroids
 of barium,bismuth and bitumen


we've found stability in the job.
the pulsing clock, the drive, the evening
whenever it comes. if the half lif\e
of this work is a billion years
older than the universe
that would make me eligible
for a couple extra weeks vacay
by the end of next milliena.
if unions were not a thing of myth and proximity.
if the pay scale matched ants to uncles
if time off were worth more than itself plus half.

she has to be on time again. after seven years
all cells in the body are new, so habits arisen
from the youngest's middle school days are now
obsolete as bipolar tendencies.

the other workers begin to peel off one by one
heading out to various dna/s or gamma holes.
taking this job and shoving it into the wormhole.
she's a diamond on the showroom floor, a silvered
band where her soldering iron used to go.


5 remember  visquine bubbles with traces of magenta
 over the windows.
it was new york city on a dare, a saturated meeting
at dylan's die by drink horse, the careless
rats dine in the light of the moon. returning to just
off broadway  where the streets and smells
were a movie set you and i forgot to star in.
 i was   flea on the beggar next to
  the empire state beating
 in your breast.we saw  a musical, naturalmente
por tu linda corazon cubana,  don quixote /
are you still tilting at windmills /
disappointed  with my dampened energy
you fade.memory against my
 impropriety, such blossoms
as fall to the ground. a deer's salad
on the edge of a gated preserve.
and do you think, was it perhaps, the weed
makes me such a good li'l worker b?

i fall in love the way  trees
are untamed  in the poconos, bud along the
highways in the white and black
 mountains,   dragonfly in the kootenays,
toss  atop raleigh's rolling  hills,
 embrace with shiva arms   the lone splendor of the chapel..
come late summer i  wanna float
 across the continent in a windshear's embrace
move like spores over desert, wander into
the pacific maybe not come back again.
could be a mid life crisis thing.


critiquing this i'd point out that bismuth isotope numbers
would be an interesting seperator, but then you'd look
for meaning when all you need to know is bismuth only has
one known and previously thought to be stable isotope now known
to have a half life older than the universe. this is known as a primorial element.
it is also a dielectric and opposes magnetism so the ride
of a bismuth plated superconductocar is matched by no other.


walk into the kitchen   created
in checkerboard and collector dishes
give a kiss. this is enough
when the green /
red uniform
falls onto the floor, when the back
can relax, the wild waving flag
retired for the night. each day is witness
to keeping at bay divisiveness. hold
onto movement flip over and over
in multidimensional turnings  try
 to stay one step ahead
of the forces that play inside the vessel
threatening to explode , extrapolate, extreme inate
into you.