Sunday, October 30, 2016

no winners

when there's a fight i know the winner
won't be found because to do that is to lose.

don't stress me out so much about
making a decision on the car i have to buy.
i have to buy it. and i can't. i just can't
make a mistake again but i'll keep paying
for a rental every week.

yeh, how's that working out for you?
  it's not so much that, even though
all but one of the past 2 months of weekends
has been spent on looking for talking about
looking and looking and looking for this car
you think will materialize somehow-
the perfect car for the best price-
than it is your response of why should i care
when your kids keep it messy all the time
the other night when i insulted you about
your ocd scattering ways, how you cover
every clean surface with your stuff and how
it looks like perhaps your daughter won't
share in this syndrome since she's worried
about her stuff still being packed up
and her apt all out of wack while she's
on a week's bedrest- a repsonse that left
me shaking in anger and just now able
to articulate why: that attitude feels so much
like every teenager that ever existed
and you , my love, are in your fifties
and does that mean that you are
not going to change back
into how you acted
when first met
and seemed
to be

does it? i just know that silence
at this point is my only option
with a few non committal huhs
thrown in so you won't catch on
that i'm biting my tongue to wait
until you purchase a car with the credit
i am going to extend to you
so that i can voice my displeasure
during a less stressful time
which surely will come
some day lord, we pray.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

what ARE the requirements to enter runescape

mauvey clouds again
the ducks slysly
behind us now.

moving across the yard
like a bit encrypted packet.

jack, jack, it's our time again
what has passed since we met last?

out here the brazilian pepper tree
provides shade in t e summer but
it's dying now.
the branches brown the leaves
bark like a distant dog.

jack there's a real tyrant running
the town hall meetings these days all full
of himself and his opinions. what he don't
get is his time's over now. unless

he unleashes the pent up hysteria
'surrounding the end times. who knew
a horseman would wear suits
sell real estate, bargain down an honest
man's wages? gotta go with fashion i guess.

horns and flames of hell are passe, at best.
jack the sun still sets in the west
and paints cumulonimbus clouds
with night bloom's palette, call it
passion, stoked. a bruise surrounded
by a bright red slap, across a face
that grabbed pussy's tale a bit too often.

he's sorry he's not even sorry
what happens in the locker room stays-
regretful someone caught it on tape
is all, calls foul ball and shotgun.

those that love him, jack, you know the type.
legions of resentfuls, not deplorable so
much as ingorable, the unneccessariat.-
not my word, there's link for that, google it

google, jack?
what's google? you
really have been out of the loop
it's the library of congress on tv.
you remember tv. wrap your head
around a hundred and sixty channels
then tie it up with this twist-infinite channels.
all played on a turning machine.
jack you can come back, we'll clone
your image, put your words in your mouth,
hang your thumb heading south.
grab the first avatar in a car
find the internet's big mouth.


the ac hum in the evening
the battle hymn of the last crickets
an airplane like a long slow wave
across a sky the color of washed out jeans.
harvest perfumes  the cooling air
with earth's musty hair
and the damn dog goes off again
a dying pepper tree on the bayou.

Monday, October 17, 2016

as if a burst could make a difference

and there's the picture we have of lucy
fragments identified as human, some teeth
no hair or fingernails just bits of rib
a toe bone, the remainder configured
to reincarnate the mother of us all,
out of africa and into the stars.

the other homonids are just as sketchy
a check bone here, a jaw bone there.
this is what's left of face of the cave
dweller three hundred
 million days hence.
the artist gene survives..

a woman peers at the skull
display. cro magnan, homo
 erectus, homo sapien, various
ages arranged behind glass
asks the patron beside her
which is your favorite?

as if a favorite would matter
to the mystery of these persons

new new new

yeah we always want the new
shiny toy boy but i like my old school ways
i wanna be a rapper but i just go on amazed
playin soda candy crush, not crushin the display
on the page for the age of misspent days.

well i can rhyme but they ain't very good
we didn't so that stuff growin up in my hood
in fact the hood wasn't called that cuz it isn't in my blood.


so i'll stop. unlike chelsea who continues despite lack
of talent, i think that's the point.


this election what a farce. how to talk with anyone
on either side if they  actually like their candidate.
it's gonna boil down to who are you more fearful of
both are hawks, no white dove.

morning writing is the worst but it's the only time
i'm not beat to death by the man, even tho i'm white
in a white land. slavery comes in many forms
i just take mine in the norm.  i broke my kids
for the system, i broke my life for the system i
shoulda been a contender, singing on the stage
sans kids all my life. i don't regret it, no i said it,
shoulda been's are dreams that didn't get their way.


i feel like i'm starting over
with no cover, no makeover
see the rhymes are bustin out
even though they have no clout
forcing stingers in my eyes
causing me to realize
bob dylan had it right
and so wins the nobel light.

lol. where that was gonna go
we won't know, it's time to get dressed
and go do my slave best.