Tuesday, June 28, 2005

after the nap

went to scott's blog today
and he says something that makes me
almost want to begin my own.
umm, for public consumption
um a public i know about.
or maybe it's the way he
is just ..is..
the way he answers the comments.
i dunno but if i could do one
as unpretentiously as

or something like that.
but i am rising in order
to help lift her up.
lol, what a stoopid way
to say "i'll pray for her"
the xtians have tainted my
communion with god those
well intentioned men with their
factions of babies
and soldiers and lambs.
what ho the sacrifice!

my mouth feels bile and brittle
behind their unctions.

o dear i find myself editing
anyway. what someone might google what
someone might find. silly goose
ollie ollie oxinfree.

well, not really but i'll play again
the fatalist. use names as i think them.
laurel k, my sis, a woman i should have been.
love keeps finding me and i let it
but she has a deeper love one which must be
unfrozen from disbelief. she wants love like rilke.
eternal or not at all.

o dear. a battle begins. no it wsn't
i was wrong. we'll i've opened my door
so that i wont appear isolated
which i am.
alienated. that's what tree said.
yes tree. alienated.
walking wounded on the beach.

i woke to marbles sounding
sounding like a shower.

rilke knows it is the rain


Monday, June 27, 2005

postive about some future

for a moment i thought
it might work, a bit
a smallish tint of time
we could keep like a glass
bubble. i think
it might but no no
eventually you will leave
or i will leave
so y even begin to put your heart
where your head sez danger?

how foolish that idea

g\from the box


a more detailed reading of Lynze
“Every one of her days has
a death in it or a fuck in it,” I said,
commenting on Olds’ book of poems.
In the sex scenes she’s always desirable.
So how is this, like, true exposure? I thought true exposure
Was exposure of weakness.
She said, “so OK, how do you do that
Artistically?” I said “I don’t have a clue” –
This was two days before xmas eve. At that moment,
The pizza delivery vehicle pulled up.
Knock knock, on the door.
He was short, neither bad nor great
Looking, young, razorstubble, missing a tooth.

I said “I’m sorry for making you do this two
Days before xmas.” He said “no problem man” I
Gave him a twenty.
I was hungry for the pizza.
Now would she ever put a scene
Like that in any one of her poems, something
Indecisive / indeterminate like most sex is
What, is Sharon Stone

Always getting her hair stained by different sunsets
And moonglows, in different tropical
Parks in this world, sunsets and moonglows.


-- Her father probably sounded a lot like that.
Believing denying meaning were a freedom.

are you happy now you broke all the little toys
mother says the hush-faced son listens the sun

shielding the beauty of the scene – high tufty
white clouds, harmless, cris-crossed by contrails –

harmless fates never remembered


detour: crimescene

Because she loved
The meth so much,
She fell in love wit the square-jawed
Doctor who held the keys to the vault,

She got a job there, at the tox lab, her
Legs got her the job, we worked around
Corpses, she tolerated corpses, to get
White-iced –

Her husband stood
In the way; eating, sleep, sex needs
Persecuted the couple
Toward their two chimerae:
For him unconditional love,
For her white icing on a bone cake;

The end.


you can’t kill ants
in front of some people.
They view killing ants as murder.
They can’t stand to see the squealing mewling
Underground, of ants and pupae burning.


in some people, the violence
emits itself, inevitably, no
matter how small a container
in before it starts, just a clicking
of handcuffs, just a squeaking
of shoes.


The way Olds writes is fine, but it’s not the only way.
It is like the edge of a massive snowflake and all the blue
Space between the terraced ice tips is extra space.
Other poets try to describe the space not where great
Sex or death are currently occurring, but rather, where
Need / wish cut across – their archaic arrhythmia

one guy talked to me for an hour
tho i told him
at the outset about justin i guess
he was as bored as me. i know

the presents still need buying
the credit needs feeding
the xmas greens need cooking but hey
we hung the stockings. so justin's back

The figure in Lynze’s poem assumes a different form of
Heroic proportions than the ones displayed by Olds.
In Lynze’s poem, as with Olds, the speaker of the poem
Is the poet. The speaking persona, in the text, is also
The poet, outside the text. She dwells both above and
Below the page, the screen – she enjoys this doubling
Effect despite its ambiguity: did her very wish to observe
Split this ice of self?

from nowhere and says hi.
just like that. i'd thought of him fleetingly
in my weightedness, the mommy
thang draggin at my heels, a two year old
with an empty belly. justin out of work
for two months again. the tightening
shoulders of overworked wings and crawing beaks
someone get me a shovel so i can empty this nest.
and from nowhere. hi.

Wow imagine if Jenni made me a confession
Like that. I wonder how I’d handle it. Prolly
Badly. Boy would I be pissed. Fuck relativism.
Then as fast draws on a thick quiet seeping
Of deep sadness, sympathy, pity like rustling –
Like leaves weaving their tiny waves goodbye
As dried-up corpses, their wind-scuttled attention.

The spirits of the leaves now comfortably
Sitting behind the weather, like in a golden
Chrome control room, domed with rainbow maps
Of the stars, a stoic alien in a green zipsuit with
Yellow tusks

Coming out and up from in
Back of his ears, punching
A button with his claw,
“yes captain?”

Sunday, June 26, 2005


diana's marrying a 19 yr old
havin a baby wit da boi
fixed reversal to raise one more
chile on the steeet

the ubroken fan from china
is opened and spread
oh look today he designs
aren't that pretty.

in the background a song
he plays that we might know
or me
the last load out of the morning.


there's a blue tint on my screen
makes for a less vivid post.
i think i'll get stoned before
he comes home i think i'll
get stoned anyway.
was reading scotts entry
and he says his bitterness
is gone. i'm more bitter
than ever about the change
of the guard. i dunno why
i can't just let evolution
be. i mean of course it's gonna
come but why do i want to be
a dead end branch.
does it make me more

nah, just laziness i spose

ah dancer why do we do this?
is it something genetic with
southerners is it the rebellion
roosting in our choices?
live free. live my way. or die?

never mind the rest of the world
wants to expand progress produce proactivate
we just wanna get on a tube and float
lazy river riding along the same stream

well i am proud of this:
haven't been to the utopia of bass
since i can't remember. at least
i've let it go thus far.
i hope it can stay gone.

nice feature of blogdome
is that there's always
the time and date.
it's pst but i don't care
i only want the minutes
not the hours. o wait looky
it's changable. so i did.

voice. jack once told me
he finally heard my voice
and it made me soar. i've been
riding that updraft for 5 years now
but what i'm thinking about voice
is this:

all it means that someone relates to you
and likes what you have to say. if you can't
hear the voice of the person you're reading
you prolly wouldn't like them personally.

i useta diary online. now i'm obscuring
things. tho and it's cuz ppl that i know
are wearing masks. if they won't
bleed for me, why should i bleed for them?
mo did a simple allegory
of masks last nite at the reading --simple
but he's a good performer and getting better.
today it's all performaance based.
some of the best perfomers i've seen write
the most vapid stuff. it's like why can't
the two of them marry? but
the crowd wouldnt' want anythinig with layers
anyway. you have to show them each layer
explain it, explain it's a metaphor
not the thing and the thing is the same
as the metaphor or the simile even.

well, i tke that back. jim carrol was a good
performer and he writes well. it's streetwisesassy
the allegories are clothed well and they seem
very personal. not preachy. more like a story
than a lesson but the lesson's there.
he was on about the roach live performance
he came up with spur of the moment
spraying them with raid and watching them die.
him watching the crowd watching them die.
was very good. he's earned his rep.

but these locals and regionals, the ones i've seen
are a bit too pulpit for me. self embracement as religion
and they all have amen sista as their chorus.
good, powerful stuff but more suited to activism
than poetry. i guess that's why they call it slam.

ah you know, wyrdsly always wanna hear
the interiority piece. but i don't have
the kibbitz to find it. i cleaned jacobs room
but nothing else. got some trash outta the house.

speakin of trash...i want to change my postname.
but to what? it fits me rather well
i'm sure that's the eptiteth used when
my ex n ilk make an assessment of me.
ah here he is.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

she tells me to write a pome

i say i have none.
the rain comes down and drenches
any chance that we have of being
able to hear each other.
i've been watching ions proliferate
on the horizon striking with
a banana of reprise.
stop knocking at my door. turn
the music up again i have
no patience for the puddles
forming under your itenerary.


it's a tortuous route
to the andes where the 4 tonnes
of cocaine terror await
pfc shane mcfarlan shame to
his country for cutting him
with laxative and leaf. acetone under
cut snake curdles down the amazon
because that's the only river
we know. tell me tree
the time spent on others
is it worth it? shading and abetting
the criminal intents of entropy
snuggling your roots into
a body of silk silicate.
i call your name, and you're not there
was i to blame for being unfair?

she says to write a poem
but i tell you i have none in me
i'm cold slits and all business
the suicide before decision.
i have not patience
for the splendour of the skies
birds washing up on the shore
red tide flying fish inland and to the gallows time
knocks and knocks on the rox nox noxious
and letting me in, bearing down
on the next collapsed field and that gelid cat!
what stasis, the langoliers?

write a poem she says but the sky
is greying and there's blogs to which
to listen, the voices of friends
and neighbors of the galaxy mulitplying
in a phi. isn't it wondrous?
birding across wires into the textless
millenium? what next, iago, what texture
can we siphon up the sinuses this time?
it's all so hopeful as we munch into the future
melted crayons of a scream. if we could just

refrain from killing each other. i want to slap
her face, not she say write a poem
but her. the one
i'm mothering into this mess the one i used to dress
up in words instead of/ oh /gilting
the company. the nuggets come home to haunt
the chicken house. force is what you eat
and you never believe the lies that it bakes
that one's for you paul you know, force?
i have my struggles with that. resistence
is futile she says, the star
on the edge of the gravity well.

Thursday, June 16, 2005


1 intr.v. To split or separate,
especially along a natural
line of division.

intr.v. cleaved, cleav·ing, cleaves
To adhere, cling, or stick fast.
To be faithful: cleave to one's principles.

To split or separate, especially
along a natural line of division.

here's the rub. a dub dub.
it's both. wtf. eighteen yr a man
2 day. what does that mean?
daddy kick u out of the house
and momma left town.

here, have a brownie.
go to canada young man
oh you can't
got some trouble with the law
to correct. funny how
they keep you
from leaving
but won't let you live.

just a place to lay my head
i'm outside man, just a pillow for
a second.

spl'it // chile'man o man chile//
tunes don't go togther like they used ta.
cloven clever river binding the world
in artery. the poe/e/try the tree the word
cloven. cleaven cleven leven leaven
to what do we owe this paradox of a word?
the bang
the biggest?
and god said the word
and the word was cleave

tear me apart make me whole again
not 42. cleave

y r we alwz sleeping in frnt of each other

a good year's crop

never a farmer, thrumming brown
what is the least message
i could do for you?

you will love another
love is not forever

forever is the myth
love is open to loss

have an apple.

today nothing happened
again and we
liked it that way
stout thistles on a pennyroyal
the untold hands of parenthesis

the sun moves across
the striped pillow
case. it has not words
to measure not eyes
to see it makes all this
angeling possible.

does everyone dream of flying?
the icarus virus
a vertical michaelmas.

what ever happened to npr
and the posts dribbling
over the volefields
of idaho with barb
and her wire
haired schnauser?what a wierd
sensation it was spelling
the hair on the dog. it appears
remembering to the last decimal.

i know a bot could do it better.
more knowlege base but what does
that kind of heaven sound like?
tombstones and grayed cardboard
spines. the silliness printed
in 76 font. that's big she said

and closed her legs. i will set up
a real live generator site. throw me
a word and i'll vomit a sentience
to spew a sentence you can read
on your audioblog ten cents a minute
the proceeds to sheckle the pockets
pfc/coe/ceo/cfo/pcp william r allan. why not? he might
be retiring to a barcalona chicken ranch
as the stew in this week's cacciatore
sonomos padre ladles from the steamin
pot to the steetkids.

oh he knows all about , brah
the hopi taught him well.

clouds in stately waltz, a disneying color.
splat blown ticker tape constucted
against the last lasriat of a meme.
did you get the message jo bob? i think
it sounded like code. the patterns
the patterns. clud clould cloud following
tin soldiers in pincers and princess colors
the msiz lohan and paris in jarkata
passing out party dresses and 3d glasses
the ministries of get your boodie on while you live

i've an vast infection of nat's garden it
finds my crow and rides up the loany loam
when i eye it. and yes the goddamn crow
keeps cir cling till it becomes a grackle
but that doesn't bring him back
or me either for that augur.

a fish from another dimension spirochets
into the pistilling sky. i'm not that stoned.
when you come to town we can get steak n shake
ive a corner on their coupons or got
a coupon from the corner or some horsehead nebula
dancing on a neverwere there. where. i had
one too many ees but i gave it back
i'm not greedy. for anything
but your eyes. open them

oh cleave unto me
draw me from myself in
division. there's one
i'd like to own
but it flies into the
nitening sky and i woke
you for a drink of filling
me up. from your fountzining cup

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


there's a lone dog walkin head
slung low not sniffing just don't have
strength to lift it needs
a rest
some broth
a dirty blanket in any
one's home.

out behind out him twin
comets approach. he doesnt' care
even though he can smell the rush
of air before them. keeps walking
not yet, can't rest yet
the road beneath his paws his head
slung low, cattle calling low low
the smell is in his nose so close
to how he arrived wet and squiggly
and tugging for teat
he feels the prerush afterness of it all
steps into the light

Monday, June 13, 2005

giving up

its 121. yay. have another beer.

when the last transformed atrium becaused a bellows
and the line breaks formed the next train of blog
i was standing on the sidelines cheering you on.
my knees was broken in the last game you see
so save a pennant for me, penchangeable at the lee side
this rox n rollz life is a young man's

it's odd that at the periphery
you can mix wind and wine then find the duvalier
waxing his moustache and the raised brow.

everyone says you look like jack black.
i think you're more handsome but wtf, we all
gotta look like someone.

you burnt my house and i gotta pay
for the damage? get crackin boy
borrow some money from your ma.

get thee to a whorehouse.


oh. dear. so blogs are the new new
i'm always one step ahead of the curve.
dammit, it's tuff to be cutting edge then diving
into ennui by the time it's fashion.

what's the next trend men? retro?
surf back to the message boards
and do html? text msg yrself into existence.

no one's reading youuuuuu.
but do not be alarmed no one's reading
anyone else. mistly mostly.

do you remember when i was loved with you?
an almost live that never was //in my head.//
so many had you that way. and still you
with your essays and comparisons making charts
and a b c clauses to find out where the secret
might be stored. as if some golden key
awaits a treasure. oh be as too too as u like.
it's time for sentimentality.
when what you know is a passage
comes to pass
you are allowed nostalgia.


i remember a big big field it was
a long walk past grampa's house past
the pool. courtney and me swimming
the kites falling from the spring sky
who was that friend there. you never loved
me who was that helped me down from the tree
after you put me up there? who?
no one had wings i
never saw an angel without a chip
in its porcelain. my name would be liz.
not elisabeth. liz. low class
violet eyed. get her to play me.
i feel as old.


i lost the artist's way it's too
selfish and she will wait for me
i think . there is the daily to attend.

rushes to cut. supplies to lay in
for the coming snow. already the hay ripens
and the barn is not yet mended.

roll out the bobcat311 , the one with the cd
player and the autorotor. i want to check the air
conditioner. this weather's getting hotter
and i hear the lakes are gonna rise. better check
the OFF supply too.

mend the solar panels in the left field.
mind you don't step into the mines left
by the last troop thru here. he was
carrying it god knows where forty miles
east of the action, and we shot him
these little pellets spilled out of his knapsack
harlan show him your hand
harlan bent to pick one up and it did that
to his hand.
harlan displays a hand with the palm missing
a perfect cricle, like a hole blown
in daffy duck's body when he get's stupid on cartoon
network. woah
does it hurt?
naw. i can even slide a bottle in there
and he slips his bud long
neck into the space, lifts his hamd
to eye level and it does look just like
that statue in the our lady immaculato communion
line, from the side, you can see the nail punched
thru the cross his hand, sweat starting to roll
down the neck of the bottle he pulls it out
the other end with a big pop
like when you do that thing with your mouth
and finger on pop goes the weasel
adn i say it again woah dude
and he sez which one are you again
bill or ted and we all laugh and order another round.

when i'm sad leave me alone

don't leave me
alone when i'm sad leave me
alone don't leave me
i'm sad

Sunday, June 12, 2005


it's twilite again
i've spent all day trying to convince
the unconvincable that i care
why bother? she's hurting and i don't
like that . she \distrusts me
becuase of what happened iun the past
and she refuses to get outside help
that was just like her dad. it's you
he always said. it's alwyas me. well
this time i am not gonna cave


Friday, June 10, 2005


so my dad calls me tonight
about the girl to inform me
that she is my responsiblity
and it took me 25 minutes
before i could ask him
if she could stay with him he was ready
to put her in a state run institution
i said all they got is jail
in this state.

she needs help it's a cry
for help. i know it. duh she's
been suicidal in the victim sense
tells me she wants to be murdered
so that i have to identify her bruised
broken body at the morgue.

spite never cured anything

tell you what jenni
tell you what, i'll loan you mine.

it's a cry for help
you never loved me you never cared
beat me over the head again and again
what ghost is that which haunts you

this is me she says
love me this way
or not at all

when i was 15 sent to baby
sit and work in a fruit stand
in new jersey. near atlantic city
with my aunt, uncle her baby.

i took the baby ok
and her car
leart to smoke pot

it wasn't a choice
it was what my parents made me do.

what if i don't give her
the choice. go live with your aunt.
go live with your gramps.

no more villages to help this child.
you are not unlovable
no matter how hard you try.

the problem is
i always tell you secrets
the mystery unravelled
you have to make new ones
create them from rumors and misunderstandings

why will u chose to make me hurt this boy?
what has he done to you?

mom, you never tell me no
you never tell me i'm worthy of more
you say whatever
i please

o please
make me stop.

your head is not on straight.
you're not in bed?
get in bed.
stay there. deal with it.

how much fire do you need
to create a blister? soothing water
and an unfrilered frillery

he's just as happy your gone
me too. i'm not corercing the mistakes
they just flow like this unbidden

you're. not your.

i would love to have you live with me in peace
why isn't that possible?

why must your live
be a tragedy


why do invite chaos. why not just
close it off? all of it. sit in my room
and watch tv? let them take everything away
let it run into the void. the words
repat and repeat to the sominix void
this is the path of no desire this deep ression

karla called, is she there? no honey
she's at amanda's. also your red headed feind
is back. he dies his hair back black all gothy
and fuckin you. he's cooked his last brew
as free man. when they catch him
he's gone.

pssst. he's just on the hurting side
he's just a child too
for all his bravado and expertise
where does the braggart reside
put away your known reactions
listen to what the workd world mettles.

there are difficulites with your name.
slow the pottery down so we can recarve it.

everyone thinks you are in danger
of becoming a braggart.
your arrogance needs a peg off.
i realize it's bravadishly falsetto
but it can be annoying. especially when you drool.

listen babes. i can love you.
but i dn't have to.

i have to love her. well so she things
with words at my head, linging slings
and arrows, fletche the french
say, a li'l edge to draw blood.

how far will love go she want to know
where is the graveyard of memories
she doesnt' really want to blade her kin
her own skin seperates so easily
wide eyed trance. what can i do?
read up on the benefits package
see if a pill or some dormitory time
might become a cure. girl, interrupted.
they don't have them no more.
no more petty institutions to wig out in.
these days you gotta do it on the street
on around a pole. holding a sign
in front of hedo if the bod's got it goin on
which mine doesn't you know?
but there are the fetish sites.

girl interfukked
thing is she sees the duck
then she looks in the mirror. another duck.
she knows ducks don't become
swans no matter how many faery tales
mom force fed her at bedtime.

what she doesnt know is that she's
not a bird. therefore she might
don a mask and wear it.


and lissen you
i saw those poems
about her sweaters and her big
sacrifice -your love= t's like
camilla and charles, if charles
were andrew maybe.

she was right. you were too young.
she already had enough\ children.


dial in for drama

yes, if you dn't have enough
in your life or if you wish
to feel better about your own choices
compare yrself to us.

1) middle aged woman with 2 kids
a dog, several cats and a faithful husband
nice suburban 4 br home with pool on 1/2 acre

2) begins wrting poetry

3) finds internet poetry sites

4)falls in love with man she's never seen

5) sees him, falls in love more

6)amkes plans to meet

7)lies to husband, spends weekdays sneaking around

8)husband confronts she confesses

9)counseling doesnt' work. she is in love with another man.

10) separates. husband goes crazy. has ptss.

11) tells kids mom doesn't want them.

12) all lies she tells kids. i want you . not him.

13)divorces. gives up house. but not kids.

14) daughter is 12. begins to smoke pot. act out.

15)lives with dad then mom then dad. plays off their craziness.
to get what whe wants. attention. give it to me.

18)but mother always fucking other man.

16) other man leaves woman after 18 months.

17)woman very depressed. she loved that man. kids don't understand.

17a)daughter falls in love at 15. boy too. puppy love. it quickly turns
hot and heavy. mom lets them nap togother and then of course..

19(woman recovers. daughter almost happy but school sux and she is fat
and there's all these troubles with her father & his gf and

19a )girls earthwhile friend moves in then

20) woman meets anther man who is only a boy

21) not too much older than daughter. but legal. let's not rob a cradle.

22- but she does. becuz she believes in love meanwhile

23 99 daughtr finds it all exasperating and anyway takes away
from her time. bc

349 mom lets the boy move in. as if . which is ok for a while
but then it gets squirrely cuz moms is the only one supporting

34 cuz the father doesnt pay child support and the bf
keeps losing his stupid jobs and she gotta get up in the morning when

35 her friend just stays in bed she's failed skool so often
kicked from house to house so she begins to turn off the breaker
in the moring and miss the buss fighting with mom and bf and friend

47 even and father of course she will only see him every other weekend

48 one weekend gets arrested for shoplifting which she turns into felonies

40 and bf breaks it off with her right before skool begins father looses house

4444 she turns 16, has drinking party but still not out of the woods
hs to do community service . woman's car is almost dead. how will she buy
a new one how will she get to the services? but does and does ok in skool

21 gets off the felonies. father never speaks to her again.

23 meanshile it's too ridiculous this thing between the boy and the mother
embarrassing her all the while, and he still can't keep[ a job. mother gets
a newer car at last

24 THEN he burns down the apartment. the boyfriend. loeses job again

25 father approached for child support. doesn't pay.

28. girl quits school. enrolls in internet school.
quits that. gets a job in a week.bf looses another job

29 bf begins to work where girl works. she can't stand him.
then he tells everyone about her mom. and him. she quits

30 mom kicks girl out of house for quitting job.

31 where is son in all this? boucning between the houses. father
concentrates on him, takes him to horse ranch 2x per week. refuses
to speak to daughter.

32. mother kicks daughter out of house.
father won't even let her in.
mother says 5 terms and conditions.
she says no.

33 there is a lot of anger still floating out here
why? what can i do to stop this?
giving in hasn't worked
fighting hasn't worked
i dunno what to do

giving up
sometimes that works.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

click the red spider

michelmas, the first day of the winter
half year. this site is stuck on scandanavia
when i don't want to be. so many rock carvings
and sun sightings. how did these blonde savages
stray so far from mother africa?

this is the golden number 18. with this number the scandanavians
kept track of the moon and eclipses.

but no mind. they kept almanacs for dogs.
oopsie, make that clog almanacs.

kari with the spinning wheel

on these kalendars they keep time
which days to bring in the herds
when the bears will gather winter bedding
when to take down the fences which days
are best to grind the harvest

kari, saint catherine of alexandria tortured
on the wheel. miracle! it breaks. instead
she is beheaded. she spins a road of light to Jul.
spinners spinsters and lacemaker brew. lawyers
archivists mechanixs nad dying ppl.
st catherine day was nov 25
the lacemaker children relesed early
to run the streets begging for a pot brew.

pure one (= Catherine)
apologists; craftsmen who work with a wheel (potters, spinners, etc.); archivists; attornies; barristers; dying people; educators; girls; jurists; knife grinders; knife sharpeners; lawyers; librarians; libraries; maidens; mechanics; millers; nurses; old maids; philosophers; potters; preachers; scholars; schoolchildren; scribes; secretaries; spinners; spinsters; stenographers; students; tanners; teachers; theologians; turners; University of Paris; unmarried girls; wheelwrights; Zejtun, Malta

who pulls his fishook from a pocket
and on to normandy look!

went "jul-ander-ing." People dressed up and went around to other farms during evening meal time. This meal was traditionally (in Beiarn, anyway) sheep's head and feet, and the visitors got to eat a foot

the term rx used to mean "with this and god's help, be healed".

language. filtering up and up
soon we will loose the need again.

Friday, June 03, 2005

the angel sachiel

rowel of a spur
urged me on, demi goddess
on stakes . a cum shot
covers me plasticine.
precision orgasms and the next
best face. spilt into four limbs
and no mouth, a shaved facade
little girlie and lovin it.

what have we taught our daughters?

transgeneration motility of endocrine
disruptor male infertility
syndrome> enjoy the cock
now \the ant queen broods.

make love my lesbians, remember
sappho didn't have clone medicine
she had courts
she had to please men.

with their tuff bodies richa y sonja
stand squared off in the ring. boxing
about with testosterone flavored wheaties.
sans gloves. the city fathers are out
raged. there is a madness descending.

there descends a madness over the land
slowly men disappear, into the mountains
on a skiff to the swamp. bring your own
bomb to the desert. grenade cocktails at
four. slowly the numbers cease to work.
nothing begins to add up. dildo sales
skyrocket. sperm banks close at three.

the cloning process refines itself.
marykate and ashley begin their own lines.
spicey girls love it. they break an x
over easy, just to have flesh
to fuck. the boyz don juan
on south beach in a minivan
giving facials. i grow in this water.

my first real boyfriend. we were in love
i heard on the web a big asteroid
is gonna hit in about 10 years.
that was three years ago. gotta move
fast. i loved him with the pain.
it was so easy he sucked my ears he stuck it

in me pumped for a while i thought
this is what she left dad for?
ma and her bf
always in the room fucking. i wanted
some. i got it.
we loved.
on the phone
him wackin off repeating it
over and over. it makes me vomit
to hear it today
just do it and leave. i can't stand my body
and the things it wants /
what's love? a penis just cum.

what have we taught? freedom to be a man
powerful, thrusting. what have we lost?
the need for the mold.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

after six

we make love or
have sex depending
on your generation
or maybe we fuck. i've
been studying this desire
i have for him comes
and goes when i think of the future
where everything bleaches out
in possiblities or travels tracks
of trains and veins the ore and ors
the way things coulda mighta soldered in
shoulda been. there's the fire

which binds us some, but otherwise
only love it could be ashes
in our mouths
rubbed on the forehead as she exits
in bruises and stuffed backpack
i was thinking i'm doing her
a favor i was thinking she's way too young

they die out there. gotta learn the rulez
somehow. i never could teach the girl.

i wish i could reach the girl.
thorny pussy and metal gangrene
posse to tha rescue. i know you think
i won't make it mom, but i will
time i say to test them waters you've
been sleepin way too long.

what doesn't kill you
makes you stronger
what kills you kills me
you dn't even care i hear her wail
you are that cold

no daughter, you are that bold.
see how far your imperious ways get you
in the world. i'll be here if you
decide to change your mind.

and he sleeps steeped in the love
which could be hers. he is almost
as exasperating, but he tries
to be co operative. at least
when i'm in the room.
ironic snort from the peanut head.
i wish i had a coke.

oh get your mind out of the gutter.
i mean acceptance, i mean cooperation
with her. but she wants to be in charge.
i can't deal with that.
it's my house. there are rules
to which i've told you the reasons
and still you don't want to accept them.
so go. i can't handle the tearful scenes
the threats the awful way you try
to turn your pain into mine.
i have loved you since you were born.
i never meant to hurt you.
well, maybe twice. but it hurt me
as much.

rubber band

she holds it between her thumb
and finger in her left hand and
in her right, gingerly tight.
she pulls steadily in both directions
thinks of horses and ropes, criminals.
it stretches and thins, vibrates with tension she pulls
with a slight wince. thinks of burst balloons.
thinks of the phone ringing and ringing it
breaks snaps back
over her flesh leaves a red mark
across her knuckles
blue pulses in her wrist
she drops the flaccid pieces
on the floor.