against the white roof
across the open back
yards of the trailer park

today i ran my car
into a tree. i was only trying
to get you to understand
the nature of impact

words that won't stop
hitting below the self esteem
your head bumped
against the glass, cracked it.

the energy released
seems to have knocked
 some calm into the situation.

the art of the controlled accident
comes to one after many lessons.

the rain sounds like wind thru the psalms
slides against the tips of aluminum and tar
roofs, shivers off oak leaves, rivulets
and runnels like a drop on a broken
 windshield collecting  cousins for flood.

what if i said i wanted to come within
inches of that tree and misjudged because
of the properties of your tears. how dying
might be a scarey alternative you never
really thought about. put on your seatbelt
next time. you're gambling, little losses
morph into big ones through one variable.


shadow grows thicker, less evil
looking with the additional fur.she still
carries the look of the wild thing
that will only be housebroken
if she can piss where you do.

her mother always has a vacant
yellow eyed stare, convivial in its lack
of attention. stroke me, she suggests
with her tail and a stretch.


wind blows the door
left ajar because the weather
is fallesque, cruel
summer sun covered by maine's
sweet gray. do you love me
is this week's internal drama

and do you think any future
with each other is doomed
is the constant. when you hold me
with both arms, give back what you

must be feeling from me.

but no. i fool myself.
you see a harridan, close the fuckin door
it's hot out there i can't air condition
florida, i don't
know how to be less snarlish
about stupidity. i might be
snarling at myself for this morning's
mini episode but honestly

when you say no one's been there
for you, no one cares, no one helps
i get so helpless with frustration
i don't think wisely. maybe you
inherited that from me.

oh  love. the way it uses
whatever you offer up
concupisence of the selfish

the rain , a lover's breath
in my ear,against my neck.
ation. i don't care i guess
that you're always leaving
who really stays anyway.
just let these love lee waves
keep rising, high as a storm surge
in august's seas.