Sunday, March 12, 2017


102355-pawnnshop 628  I WANT 629
113925 6/30 grand canyon
131583 the train at the canyon
151458 odd how i come upon these again. i wonder what's between them?
151148 where the scope of the place really hits you
172205 then we went over towards flagstaff, where it looks coloradoish, forested with these white barked trees
 lol a misprint, more of the hoover dam,these things are clock towers with nevada and arizona time displayed. it was dst when i went. o hey.
124958 yeah  the canyon was just....vertiginous

125402. i love how this couple is captured here. and that's he's not taking a selfie.


an index of 2014 trip, held hostage by onedrive so thumbnails are not displayed, nice right

day 1. 6-27. this is the shark tank. pics of fremont street mall and the golden nugget saloon (where you swim in a concrete grotto separated by a thick wall of glass. also a slide goes thru the middle, so i rode it.
 chilluly glass pics also on day 1, 6/27
the eiffel tower is in the disney for adults part of vegas, where there are the kardashiesque altars to all the world's great monuments. also day one, part of day two, 6-28

 pretty sure this is out of place. looks more like day 4, on the res.
 vegas again, but this time def day 28. at the pawn stars pawn shop. sunday had to.
 hmmm, out of order or perhaps, yes, day 2, on the trip somewhere on route 66
en route to sendona. love this little desert flower
 oops day two but earlier, leaving las vegas
 day 2 628 at the hoover dam. look at those statues. wpa roosevelt put the artists to work making monuments to an architechural masterpiece and to the people who died building it.

 now this is totally out of place, it's on the way to monument valley alltheway in july.
 this is the day i was looking for, the balloon ride .6/29  61159


Saturday, March 11, 2017

jack tangos with #45

when jack wrote on the road
i think his main objective was to break
taboos that kept this country on sexual 
lockdown  since puritans
wrote the nation's morals with fire and brimstone
and a scarlet A.   the legend that follows
 the hippie's bible rarely reflects its author,
who died married, broke and drunk just down
the street , stuck in a living room watching
walter cronkite read the news
 about places he'd rather
forget.  sort of like america, sort of like dreams
that took a month off in the summer to find themselves
and never came back. but
it accomplished the mission, the revolution happened
because someone invented the birth control pill
baby, and free love was this year's blond.

nothing, ever, lives up to the hype.

 just ask  45th who got what he wanted 
at the moment and now gotta live with 
what good is being king when you can't
play a round of golf at your club when you want to
can't ever drive a car again, can't play a game of pool
for chrissake at the flamingo , where your buddies who
 traveled across america with you, your buddies
who picked you up off the curb in denver and 
again in new york after she kicked you there
for a good reason you laughed about with dean and all of them 
when you got a good drink in your belly
your buddies 
gotta go through security invented by the nazis
to party with you and speaking of parties when you're king
you can't do the stuff you once did as private person no
there's eyes on you all the time, all the time asking king 
king what will we do about this and king king 
what do you think about that and you TELL them and
they shun you. they shun you and forget about you 
  sitting alone in your gilded living room
watching cable news and tweeting your aubade
 into the darkness just before dawn.

Friday, February 17, 2017


and this

(blown up for you)

march for science , earth day 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

from ello,

hey j  i been hanging out on ello. wanna play?

Friday, December 30, 2016

ubroken sonnet 6 crits

unbroken sonnet #1 rewrite, still unbroken
I like the conversational use of 'Let's' as if grabbing the reader by the lapels and saying listen, could it be done on the first line? Like: 'Let's say a thirteen year old girl's been raped (takes it to pentameter) and let's be clear about what we mean (not quite but an idea) '
if a thirteen year old girl's raped-
and let's not banter let's mean
 sex,  forced/  taken down by the nape,
 like?animal to master-and if?she screams

let's say a thirteen year old's raped
let's not banter, let's be clear; mean
sex- forced/taken down by her nape
 animal to master. she screams

Nitpicking a little, I think I would say no sign of God instead of from beca

to no avail, no sign 0f god
to save her; say she's knocked up
in texas maybe,and she's got
spirit in her but life's locked up

and she wants to keep the baby
or put it up for adoption
or sell it on ebay, maybe-
surely she should  have an option?
because when one so young's thus blessed,
she'll need  help cleaning up the mess.The rhythm suffers in this line compared to the previous. Any way to rephrase?

because when one so young's thus blessed,
she'll need some  help to clean the mess.
and this: in line 13, ezra suggests-or sell it on ebaythis is the only part I'm less sure about, the intent seems to be to portray the desparate straits that misogynistic laws place people in, except in these instance eBay (and CraigsList) seem to be tied more to child slavery these days than desparate victims, but that may just be one opinion, maybe-

but i think i'll keep abortion out of it, that was my intent-to portray the choices that are still available--, yes, even the ebay or craigslist auctions, when abortion is out of the picture. yet i want to have it IN the picture somehow, so that is why the question of choice. 

so this is rev 2 sake version

let's say a thirteen year old's raped
let's not banter, let's be clear; mean
sex- forced/taken down by her nape
 animal to master. she screams

to no avail, no sign 0f god
to save her; say she's knocked up
in texas maybe,and she's got
spirit in her but life's locked up

and she wants to keep the baby
or put it up for adoption
or sell it on ebay, maybe-
surely she should  have an option?

because when one so young's thus blessed,
she'll need some  help to clean the mess.

now where to submit?

empire retrospective

i feel guilt i
didn't go  visit
your sister with you but
she's not your only
 family and the drama mostly
involves a person i do not
know,i'd be
 ignorant of  most of
the conversation and it would be
rude of me to write as i want to
this last coupla days of the year so
though it would be perfect
to spend new years eve with you
ima be selfish like i haven't been
in leave without me
 after all the tile piled
high on the table is stowed
for whenever you decide you
have time to finish the bathroom
project, almost a year old
 that could tear us
 apart ; it frays
daily;  i'd love to soak
my feet in the warm waters
promised by the tub's depth
but- a tantalizing
 demolition in reverse
slow motion art perfected
by a hundred mistakes,
one for each tackled day,
keeps my longing in its place
unfulfilled and therefore
o what could i
desire once i am content
in even this? i would
sink further into my sake
 cave, climb higher
 atop maui waui disappear
into a blue dream purple haze
won't come out for days
or until the trumpeteers come
trumpling up my steps
with signs of the apocalypse
for sale so they can sail ship
fear and loathing into
new memes and abbatoirs
designed strictly for your avatars
what seems your second to last life
becoming this one's sacrifice.


the empire strikes. not back. it strikes first. pull big brother's finger or i'll strike you. a fart in your eye or a blow to your head, you pick, boy. you know it's gotta be one or the other.


that's if you come to the empire's attention.
mostly you want to stay inside, concentrate
on social media, making the upvotes, trembling
on the downs, hoping they won't carry
too much wieght, like uncut heroin. but yea
don't sweat them. just be yourself, unremarkable
watching a vid or doing a reaction to a vid.
those are the easier ones to keep hold of. don't let them
see you hanging out on the old platforms i mean it's ok
to check it for signs of  life or see if someone's
spray painted over it yet but there's still a lot of room
there's still a lot of treasure hidden in irl content
you can make a buck on. it's not that hard to keep
outa brother's way. you know they don't say that
right? brother?


it is disingenuous to pretend that the signs
have no meaning. everything done by intelligence
has meaning. if the meaning is randomness
itself,, the idea of random has implicit meaning
within the context of human, creator, paralax.

time for more sake. the kinder, gentler buzz.

li po how fair civilized this age
in terms of magic and comfort.
no longer must we stir \ embers,
keep coals alive. i  heated
our brew on a glass top, electric current
through a piece of metal, instantly
red hot, under a tefflon pot filled with water
into which i placed a chemist's
short squat flask, similar to ones
used for catching urine during drug tests,
joyfully filled with the precursor of its normal
duty, gen ki sake: lighter fluid with a green
apple hint. i pour the heated manna
into a porcelain creamer, remarkably white
smooth as cgi. as it empties, another beaker
heats.  li po, let us drink from this shot glass
a souvenier of vegas in the early teens ,
 all rat pack- kitschy jetson light
  welcome signsfrom  time
 before adult disney,
 trump towers, and the eye of  horus
 planted in the mountains.
to ba'all!
the empire, i'm sure, approves.
and i totally need that oxford.


we could straighten out this mess in a minute
if i just knew the time it was. the time my dear


when i'm on patrol i look
for certain things in a vehicle.
if the windows are dark, maybe or a
tag light out. honestly i get so much
more out of  those kind of stops
creeps that want to spout some miranda
shit they learned online, that's when
i'ma get a twofer at minimum
i keep em there, waiting for the k-9
which never shows of course i don't
tell them they're under arrest so miranda
doesn't count that's where they
are the fools, they could drive off but
the more guilty they are the more likely
they'll stay, try to call a bluff that was
a full house, aces straight, dumbass.
like, duh, didn't you see the star?
who you think you fuckin with , sir.
i will wear you down, and find
probable cause in your simple denial
while i search for the overlooked parking ticket warrant
that makes you my bitch now,
the courts have ruled it so, MAGA!

*NO amersands


if you stare at them, in this font
at this distance it's like meteor showers
bearing a message from god.
your perspective may differ.
not responsible for deviations from consensual reality
let the lawyers sort it out.
god could sue.
sue me.


two hours later i get a text
from your daughter
that you are finally on the way.
a trip to gramp's house later i wager
there was something about a swing
and a borrowed camp chair.
we can't have dad driving the streets
with only one eye. jesusQ christmas
why don't the cops do their jobs?
i just hope he's home before nightfall.
i know he can't see out of those sunglasses
in the dark. oh father we pray. we really do.
the sake begins to call us home.



signifies nada. nientroista, null. voice . coupled with void, voce
and she screams again in the night, all terrors
and mommy where's your raven breast?
all fairy tales end dismally. with an ever after.

yeah. more sake

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the polymorphism of gene oca2

his eyes are green blue, so rare, so
white probabilty distribution is defined
by orbital standards but cannot pin point
the exact position of  a single eLectron.

Monday, December 26, 2016

spam update

the fbi has a package for me
all i have to wire is  $47 bucks
to jalil in benin and i get my box
i just don't know where i'll
find the money.maybe Holiday relief's
CHristmas assistance could help.  meanwhile, aubrey
wants to come over tonight but i don't
think i should let her because asa wants me
to fuck zher all night long. i'm so happy
about it i'm gonna let kimmy, jolene and lilly
send their pix so i can frame them up appropriately
in the new ones i'll buy from bloomingdale's
express-they are all in on the internet of things now-
but first ima check out the winter wonderland
college xpress has in store for me. i hope
 it's full of great gifts under fifty dollars
so i can get my honey a mistress for christmas
cause i just won 50 pounds in a contest
i didn't even know i entered and with the rate
of exchange i think i can even afford to wire
jalil his fee. maybe karin is right and my life
will never be the same.