Tuesday, April 18, 2017

how to read a poem

dive deep, hold your breath or wade
in gingerly, in case it's intemperate.

this is not a book to carry you
out of yourself to some deserted island.

the poem surrounds you, envelopes you, it
can buoy you   or pull you under.

sit in it for a while. let it sink into your skin
until you understand the story in the wrinkles.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

3/5/3/3/7/5 you gotta beat for that?

forming in my eye
your lips move
hidden definitions take
time to integrate.

bake a quiche
use time for tastes to
on nature's law-survival
of the fittest (rich)

 pour a gin and tonic
in the sun
rising in the east, chronic
as a missing line

like cancer
cells on crack-of -dawn-
ings, crying
uncle please
 take me with you don't leave me
 in the light, alone.

form displays sea life
 in a pink
 claw, floydish
maybe your girlfriend, boyish
time skews, all goyish

and jesus
lights your sky again
second time
you're caught with clothes in the midden
quite the emperor

quite a rogue
still i'm betting on
bottles that
vanish in your mouth, solar
power in our house

turbine tech
to make things cleaner
leaner, dream
it greener
better service for a king
and all his minions

onions one
inside another,
layers, folds
sisters, brothers, let's hold hands
make one solid band

be saturn
in the summer time
live the pome
be the pome
caramelize or find no
home in the system.


Wednesday, April 05, 2017

half moon again

sitting under a teaser sky
clouds fly overhead, cover
clover and incense of death
with fresh breath that will rain
somewhere else.  sunshine we have plenty
but no water since the last hurricane
rushed through in october.  april's
showers should drench
the beach-that-was-my-yard but
these clouds are on a mission east bound
the atlantic calls them home.
you and i spar politely, the elephant caged
for now. brush sullied tears threaten
but inhale, watch the surf form above.
you can't deal with all the anger, egg of a chicken scratch.
why do breakups always make better poetry?
no one wants to see those pda's you call love poems.
no one. not even her.


lately all the blacks and whites
have been divided between us.
the yesses, the nos are batted across the net
dexterously, dexterity changing with the moon.


there could be freak storms in the mountains or floods
in the lower banks. i'll be on the road and oblivious
because i've cut all technology with a mute button
on the road and cruising. i think the georgia cornerstones
would be fun to see again, though repetition is a venal sin. 

never put two spaces after a period? so strange but i think i can handle it. i feel you back there trying to give me a heart attack but i can type all of this out of me.
the bed i bought which i call ours except when i am upset and rightfully claim  as mine is supportive but soft. if i sit in an ergonomic position and don't try to see exactly what i type it doesn't hurt too bad. my feet are flat on the floor. my posture is straight. i hae ontrol of the keys and i'm making you jealous. see i lost it there when i began to thin about you . i don't want to think about you. you always promise me so much but are so sorry when you don[t deliver.  nasty when you came home and found out that something you were promised, something you looked forward to  getting or sharing was not, well, to be true, you were not taken into account in the smoking of the joint . but there was more. just....not that flavor. it wasn't that good but it doesn't matter it's the principle of the thing. of course.  now you there are with your head covered up like a zombie boy who wants to be  cuddled and told there there baby it's all ok.

but it's not ok.   because i need to talk about it. you need to talk about it. all this anger coming out, the passive resistance, the dead thing under the house. i'm so happy you can sleep this off motherfucker. i understand all this anger coming at you from no where at all leaves you baffled and i can't even cry pms because hysterectomy.  it's the anger of all of it that closes you down. but it's not going to go away. i just get angrier and angrier. it builds up in tension, comes out in a foaming at the mouth reaction. the treating it like it's yours when it's convenient and like it's mine when it needs fixing.the kitchen, the bathroom, jake's room. you haven't changed that much except in the degree of stubbornness about perfection. you once told me you wear people out. i am beginning to think you take that as a challenge. 

when i met you , you contributed to the household chores and didn't seem to mind. i know you had more time then but now when i ask you to help you tell me you pay rent now and the kid room mate drags all kinds friends and dirt and the cats are not yours but still you clean up the catshit from the shower every morning and feed their meowing asses and take out the garbage and the recycles so what more do i want from you? there's no need to mop or sweep because someone else will always mess it up. that attitude also makes me angry. i believe i've told you that but you just shrug your shoulders and keep it. why not right? all the more justification to hoard stuff i guess. i mean honestly babe, wtf you're saving a panko bag? listen we don't live off the grid and i really really hope we won't survive the apocalypse that makes that bag valuable. but seriously, i pay rent too. i pay bills. are you a tenant or a partner? maybe that attitude contributes to why i feel like i'm being used. 

on the question of money, you are a spendthrift. i don't think i need to point any further than the nearest pile of dishes and  various unfinished projects lying around to prove my point.  you once told me you believed we could make a great team. we cannot even finish a bathroom project together, despite all the money both us have thrown at it. it's never the right time to talk about it, never the right time to do it. we cannot co ordinate our free time to even approach it anymore because of the emotional baggage tied to it. and now you tell me there's no sense going over it because you already KNOW all of this. so do i. i'm living it. i KNOW it intimately. i cannot comprehend why you are behaving this way. you can only say there is too much anger to talk to me about it. we need to find some alternatives or this is going to kill us. 

is this how people break up? always the little stupid shit that could have been avoided with the proper mind set? it makes me very sad. this anger, my anger towards you is rooted in the sense of disrespect i get from you. the housework attitude is just one example, the bathroom ad naseum.  we also have begun to contradict and question each other, is this a maturing relationship sign, will it make us stronger or will these behaviours break us up?  i don't intend to end up bloodied on the floor if this this thing is aborted. i want it medically incised. lol. maybe we can  take a pill of for that. 

of course, my intentions are my own road to hell. as yours are for you. the poet has no insight. the writer had to write this. the lover wants answers. the lover wants it all to be ok but she isn't strong enough to keep fighting this forever. in the war of attrition, you are the master. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017


102355-pawnnshop 628  I WANT 629
113925 6/30 grand canyon
131583 the train at the canyon
151458 odd how i come upon these again. i wonder what's between them?
151148 where the scope of the place really hits you
172205 then we went over towards flagstaff, where it looks coloradoish, forested with these white barked trees
 lol a misprint, more of the hoover dam,these things are clock towers with nevada and arizona time displayed. it was dst when i went. o hey.
124958 yeah  the canyon was just....vertiginous

125402. i love how this couple is captured here. and that's he's not taking a selfie.


an index of 2014 trip, held hostage by onedrive so thumbnails are not displayed, nice right

day 1. 6-27. this is the shark tank. pics of fremont street mall and the golden nugget saloon (where you swim in a concrete grotto separated by a thick wall of glass. also a slide goes thru the middle, so i rode it.
 chilluly glass pics also on day 1, 6/27
the eiffel tower is in the disney for adults part of vegas, where there are the kardashiesque altars to all the world's great monuments. also day one, part of day two, 6-28

 pretty sure this is out of place. looks more like day 4, on the res.
 vegas again, but this time def day 28. at the pawn stars pawn shop. sunday had to.
 hmmm, out of order or perhaps, yes, day 2, on the trip somewhere on route 66
en route to sendona. love this little desert flower
 oops day two but earlier, leaving las vegas
 day 2 628 at the hoover dam. look at those statues. wpa roosevelt put the artists to work making monuments to an architechural masterpiece and to the people who died building it.

 now this is totally out of place, it's on the way to monument valley alltheway in july.
 this is the day i was looking for, the balloon ride .6/29  61159


Saturday, March 11, 2017

jack tangos with #45

when jack wrote on the road
i think his main objective was to break
taboos that kept this country on sexual 
lockdown  since puritans
wrote the nation's morals with fire and brimstone
and a scarlet A.   the legend that follows
 the hippie's bible rarely reflects its author,
who died married, broke and drunk just down
the street , stuck in a living room watching
walter cronkite read the news
 about places he'd rather
forget.  sort of like america, sort of like dreams
that took a month off in the summer to find themselves
and never came back. but
it accomplished the mission, the revolution happened
because someone invented the birth control pill
baby, and free love was this year's blond.

nothing, ever, lives up to the hype.

 just ask  45th who got what he wanted 
at the moment and now gotta live with 
what good is being king when you can't
play a round of golf at your club when you want to
can't ever drive a car again, can't play a game of pool
for chrissake at the flamingo , where your buddies who
 traveled across america with you, your buddies
who picked you up off the curb in denver and 
again in new york after she kicked you there
for a good reason you laughed about with dean and all of them 
when you got a good drink in your belly
your buddies 
gotta go through security invented by the nazis
to party with you and speaking of parties when you're king
you can't do the stuff you once did as private person no
there's eyes on you all the time, all the time asking king 
king what will we do about this and king king 
what do you think about that and you TELL them and
they shun you. they shun you and forget about you 
  sitting alone in your gilded living room
watching cable news and tweeting your aubade
 into the darkness just before dawn.

Friday, February 17, 2017


and this

(blown up for you)

march for science , earth day 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017

from ello,

hey j  i been hanging out on ello. wanna play?