Wednesday, October 23, 2019

driving in america

i've spent some time recently on the road.
twelve hours to tennessee, the more into kentucky.
saw some falls. talked a lot of estchatology
not so sure it's false when you look at what
we do to ourselves . 'm saving my energy today
for the stars. they must be brilliant out on the courses.
but it could be obscured by light polllution.
i'm beginning to get chilled sitting in the shade
on the balcony in my florida gear.
this resort is sweet, in a very middle class pamper mode.
i'll take that. noting ican do to stop it so i may as well
join in. take the ten hour hot tub soak. ease my
ache from travel. the constant motion of vehicle thru space
at seventy five miles an hour. i don't know if my twin
is younger or older from staying at home. but the miles
pile up. they wizen truck drivers and the mobile.
if we could only all learn how to merge again.
it's as if a spell has been cast on the suv drivers
the f250, tundra drivers like they're the only ones on the road
depsite my red color and wheels on the road


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