Sunday, September 22, 2019

emapthy for what i want

last nite you called said
he said
divorce. i say lawyer up.
it's the same ol story, you do and do
and do and do again
till you have to ask for help which is what
partnership's supposed to be about
and he won't. just won't. you're not
the same girl i married he said you're
just a bitch now. never wonders why
don't put himself in your place won't
back off his horse, which is skyscraper
which is mountain then he lies
to the councilor with can't
live if living
is without you  you think
wow, he really loves me he
wouldn't lie to the shrink he
couldn't sing that song
if he didn't so relax then
one night you aren't fighting 
and he calmly walks in puts
a gun  to your head  to
just let you know
 two fingers point from his
 eyes to your eyes
like he was rambo
you're in his sights the clock
is ticking.

get a lawyer . i mean srsly.
he's either gaslighting you
or going insane. and then everyone
that understands what you're
going thru will be enemy.
he's setting you up
for a drop kick. and honestly
i'd think it was dementia till
you informed me how he financially
abuses you as both your boss
and husband. so . yeah. get yourself
out of there but do it smart.


but i love him .
i don't want to divorce i want
him to love me again .
g=hate is just backside
of love so why can't we toss up
and flip it back?
i mean i know he loves me.
doesn't he?
he says i've changed, and i have
but people change
he's changed too i told him
if he can't accept that leave.
so he
says i gotta change.
gives me 3 months.
it hurts so bad


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