Thursday, April 04, 2019

it's odd dancer that
you'd send a sibling poem as my remaining one has lately been all tangled panties since i called her daughter disrespectful. let's see if anyone agrees. i leave family heirloom with sis oh, fifteen years ago because my daughter was a destructive teen, and i ask her safeguard it. she keeps it in her china cab till about four years ago when her married but living her daughter asks if she can take said heirloom. sis answers well it's not mine but take it anyway, i don't know if auntie still wants it, but if she asks for it back, don't forget it's hers. fast foward tonew years day, this year.  visiting  sister,at the same time as her daughter, my niece, i mention the heirloom,  sis says oh daughter took it . daugher says i did? sis relays the convo of four years ago, my mouth hangs open, dauhter says hmmmm, ok, i don't know where it is, i'l have to look for it. my mouth could not get more tongue bitten.   six weeks later,text niece, where is it, that was disrespectful to take it without asking. she agrees, says she forgot again, busy life you know and i do, i know her life is busy, but hey, do you have it still, i  mean i think i deserve to know. a few weeks later i get a call while i'm at work. my sis begins to yell at me do not call my daughter disrespectful. it was my bad, blame me, but not her .i blame you both i tell her this. i blame you both . she will not accept this. says do not ever call my daughter disrespectfull. i tell he she don't know me well enough to say mama died a long time ago and my daddy knows better. so the earth gets scorched and the next day she pretends flowers are growing . says she wrong, she sorry but in her mind they didn't mean to disrespect me. i tell her i understand that, but irl, they disrespected me. don't call me she says. i'm going to my mom's. i'll call you when i get back..  she's back. i guess she lost the number.


Blogger Hector the Crow said...

i like that i get some straight-forward insight into your life from your writing, good to be able to catch a glimpse, not catch up, but see a little slice

3:12 AM  
Blogger hiccup said...

hey jthon. it's nice to know you're out there. i am not writing at all lately. things going on. my comp to die soon. this weighed on my mind a lot. siblings. meh. thanks for the wave.

4:53 PM  

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