Wednesday, December 13, 2017

if jones can win alabama then maybe hope is possible

but my gods want me to lose it.

so they met moons ago then reconnected.
they've been taking it slow, except in bed.
he's got six kids. he tells her pays child support.
i have no reason to disbelieve her
but another kid in mix is asking a lot of the universe.

she likes the way his parents are still together
and don't fight, unlike all her role models.
he's got a job and a motorcycle just over a year
after being on the streets. she's finally tired of begin poor
and got a job. got a job and doing well.

how would a new infant mix this up?
we can think of the ways. but how would it
confirm the progress they've made, individually
collectively and as a couple.

it sure will push things to a new role for everyone.
new living situation, new problems, new discoveries.
i dunno. i couldn't do it. but since she's had both
abortion and child, she understands which is more difficult
for her. security is not that important to her, i guess.
life is. i'd be scared to death, but i guess if she can even
contemplate this, she's so much braver than i. so
fuck you gods, i will hope for her. i can't lose that
no matter how many times i'm tested.


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