Saturday, September 16, 2017


 one of two Wisconsin girls accused of stabbing a classmate and friend to please a fictional character named Slenderman was not responsible for her actions during the attack because she was mental ill.

they're saying you're a fiction but
i've heard your voice in my room 
when no one's there. some nights
you slip through my eyelids

he's been talking to me a lot lately
tells me he's so hungry and he must be
he's so skinny. slender he likes to say. 

i offer him doritos and popcorn
with extra butter. chicken soup ramen.
.always a no
and i'm so hungry. then he
whistles the answer

souls he says. i eat souls. in fact i want
to eat your brother, your mother 
your dog, cat,  and your
friend coco. but i don't want
your dad's. his is rotten.

and see, how would he know that
unless he's exactly what he claims?
he can teleport. i've seen him do it.
he can read my mind. so i asked him,
 what can i do so you'll let them go
and he says bring me a soul.
and he tells me how. and he tells me who.

it's not you . he knows we're friends. he says
you can be with me and you can feed me
if you do this one little thing 
i'll take care of you you can be like me

and i think he does care i mean he's always
around, ya know like when
 mom and dad aren't and like
he always answers on chat and stuff ad you know
  no one cares if we eat or go to bed even unless it 
interferes with their new lives and really
can you keep a secret becuz i

i think he might 
like me like me 
and i know he likes you
i mean he does want to eat your soul
just think of we all can be together
like for EVER if we just do 
this one little thing...


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