Wednesday, October 11, 2017


i have a question for the lawmakers: What ARE your thoughts ? To what kind of god go your prayers?

earth's final season could air soon.
the button holder's profile fits 
wealthy man in his seventh decade
loves to gamble, no arrests, no mental issues
but takes a small cocktail of drugs daily.
the differences are glaring, vegas used
semi automatic conversions fired from
a high rise window. mr flippant has
bombers. mr calm before the storm
has access to nukes. what kills me most
is how smug and offhand he delivers threats.
what will kill most of us is when he delivers on them.

yes but I just saw a a squirrel skip across 3 lanes of traffic and survive

dear sister
there are times I think you're the one
that got out easy, dying like
you did there at 17.
in love with Neil Young
in love with the burn
hell yeah.o my.
today you would be one step closer to 60.
that magical age when 
men kill themselves in the Great Northwest.
I think it is better 
you don't know why
the parts of you I remember
are painful, flailing arms
knotted words. i know
we must have had
something in common 
besides parents.maybe
we had good times?
I'm so far away 
from who we were
then,I can't remember.
our little sister never talks
about you
but she leaves fake
flowers on yours and Mom's 
double plot in Memorial Hills
every holiday. tell mom
i'm sorry i missed 
her birthday again, august
is such a hot month.


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