Saturday, May 26, 2018


it could be an even/evan thing
but only if you remember how to spell it.
i'd be remiss if it wasn't a bother

several reasons later i'm still
defending my opinion's
right to exist. that's not kosher
just  salty eye knowledge.

my yes. she told me to stop that.
i'm not about to get into the specifics
but i didn't. stop. socks everywhere.
agitation for the rest of the laundry.
the kids moving back and back again.

oh, and that pesky domestic
violence charge. colors in black and clue
me in on it change daily and not without
some basic rant. get her to the doctor
next week or we'll have some real
no contact time/ maybe over the top

conversations in an emergency room
of my choosing. and  emergent: laughter
from higher vibrations., tinitus.
 my ears are stuffed with an unbalanced
basket trying to break through steel just
loud noises with no where to go.


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