Thursday, January 07, 2010

five exercises in monet


i held you tonite
to keep you
from screaming tho
you kept making
that sound.

like crickets in a manhole
and wind through the first time
we ever , so we ever
all those firsts.

when need was satisfied
how we fell
into each others eyes
looking for voice and chance.

you will be desolate
as november in maine when she leaves
as she leaves like fallen dishes
washed in the shower where water is hot.

i understand you're working for some
exuberant release, ground is
too close to farming. i keep going on
and you do too, like kites caught
in an atrium, looking for freedom
or something to anchor it to.

you can think i'm talking to you
i probably am. if i knew you once.


time to scrutinize other landforms
pick a new orchid. why do i feel as if
i've done it all, a thousand times~

is this ennui or a d and c gone wrong
filthing up the hospital floor.
if i had a name for would
be something like a jellyfish
or a creek high in the japanese mountains.
why japanese? because of hirohito.

iv xx

what would you do with a paypal account
a faded purple toyota and a ticket to minsk.
would you take a bottle of merlot along
for the ride? bankroll the slipping economy
on a nine to five vanishing scale?

so many questions. so little time.
better get busy. no rest for the wicked
money don't grow on trees i got bills to pay
i got mouths to feed aint nothin in this world for free....

love that song.


why monet? he didn't do prints
prints do him. anyway, princes
princesses, armoured guards
i wasn't looking for a pacifier
but it'll do. i think grace made a
right turn on the boulevard of feathers
had a soft landing. silent, nebulousity
like the future you hold in your eyes.


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